Coming in July 2015
    800FollowMe Church-Evangelism Program

The Great Commission in many churches is like a balloon that has popped – it’s non existent. A few believers are engaged in sharing the Gospel. Stats suggest, however, over 90% of Christians NEVER share their faith.

800FollowMe would like to help churches get back to their purpose and create a culture of evangelism. We’ve developed a two-month “spiritual adventure” in evangelism. The entire church will be involved through the pulpit, small groups and/or Sunday School, Children’s Church, etc. Using the themes from Executive Director Dan Allen’s book – Exhaling the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Evangelism as Natural as Breathing the Truth, this two month program not only spiritually prepares the soul winner but also gives them the tools and makes them accountable to reach their “Nathanael” (Philip brought Nathanael to Jesus).

The program is presently in the test-run mode. It should be available for your church summer of 2015.

Letter to Pastors/Churches               Overview of Program               How it Works