Overview of Program

Overview of the Program

Foundational Book
    Exhaling the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Evangelism as Natural as Breathing the Truth    
         by Dan Allen

    The book is devotional-style and somewhat folksy, as is the motif of the author. Each chapter tells the Biblical story of New Testament characters and how they Exhaled the Gospel.

Week One ~ Chapter 1 “Brush With The Greatest”

    Friend-to-friend evangelism is explained by utilizing the story of Philip bringing his friend, Nathanael to meet Jesus. Each person identifies their “Nathanael.”

Week Two ~ Chapter 2 “Confused on the Gospel ... No More!”

    An explanation of the Gospel is clearly given as we look at the other Philip in Acts who reaches out to an Ethiopian. The hope is that all in the congregation are not only saved, but understand the Gospel.

Week Three ~ Chapter 3 “The Power Source”

    The seven sons of Sceva set the backstory of what is needed for one to be able to present the Good News. We’re praying for revival this Sunday as Christians are challenged to live like Christ.

Week Four ~ Chapter 4 “For Power, Press Prayer”

    Peter and John as well as the early church knew where the power lay, with the Holy Spirit who is engaged via prayer. Christians need to be intercessors for their friends.

Week Five ~ Chapter 5 “A Duet Turns Delightful”

    Paul and Silas demonstrate a Christian lifestyle that is genuine . . . even while in prison. This needs to be emulated if we are to be soul winners.

Week Six ~ Chapter 6  “Game On”

    Paul’s approach to the court of Areopagus is priceless. Seven approaches for witnessing, gleaned from a Hybel’s book, are explained.

Week Seven ~ Chapter 7 “A Dream that Changed the Word”

    The chapter has Peter, a Christian Jew, witnessing to Cornelius, a righteous Gentile and is filled with things I love - dreams, food and souls saved.

Week Eight ~ Chapter 8 “Reach Out”

    A salvation run - the Lord to Paul to Aquila and Priscilla to Apollos. All Christians are a part of their own salvation run. Are they going to keep it going?

Week Eight or Nine 

    An old fashion Friend Day; major event (banquet, sports speaker); Small Group Cookout; –  all the “Nathanaels” are invited to hear the Gospel.


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