Letter to Pastors/Churches

Dear Co-Laborer,

    When Dick Dean, founder of 800FollowMe, invited me to consider helping him fulfill the vision he believed God gave to him, I consented under several conditions, one of which, in part, is what you are reading right now: Church ~ Evangelism Program. 
    I understand the relevance and value of using the web to evangelize . . . and we are working full-steam-a-head to do just that, and are very excited where God will take us in this regard. However, the greatest way to evangelize, proven throughout the history of the church, starting with Andrew bringing his brother, Simon, and Philip bringing Nathanael to Jesus (John 1), is friends reaching out to friends telling them what Jesus has done for them - friend-to-friend evangelism. And, since I’m a churchman, I want to see the church reaching out in a greater way to present the Gospel.
    The plan laid-out before you is a two-month (50-day; 8-Sunday) church-wide adventure in evangelism utilizing assistance from 800FollowMe for advertising and promotion, preaching, drama, small groups and/or Sunday School, children’s church material, 50-day devotional guide, and the challenge to invite unsaved friends to the concluding celebration Sunday in which the Gospel will be clearly presented.
    We, at 800FollowMe, recognize that there are many very good evangelism programs, most, of which, are presented as an add-on to the numerous activities of the church and focusing on the few who are willing to get involved. Not so with the 800FollowMe church-evangelism program. It is geared to enlist everyone in the church who, on week one, will begin interceding for their unsaved friend or relative (their Nathanael), learn how to present the Gospel to them and invite them to the celebration Sunday or some other planned outreach event. We are convinced that many will be brought into the Kingdom through this program. And since we are teaching people how to fish it should be an ongoing adventure . . . creating a culture of evangelism.
    I hope you will prayerfully consider partnering with us.

    Wishing you Joy in Jesus,
    Dan Allen

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